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Why Choose Vision Hope & Healing Professional Counseling Service?


Convenience - All sessions are virtual offering additional availability , no gas or transportation cost and can be conducted from the privacy of your home .


Many individuals struggle to cope with the demands of life and often neglect mental health as it may be deemed secondary to the sustainability of physical needs. Moreover, many Americans find that when presented with crisis or symptoms associated with mental illness they are ill-equipped to manage.


Vision, Hope & Healing LLC. (VHH) employs professional counseling techniques to assist women, men and children in the process of healing (from) & coping (with) various issues of life. To do so (VHH) will simultaneously correct cognitive distortions and restore hope; using a well-defined client-centered treatment plan.


This service uniquely provides a safe space that fosters respect and dignity while remaining attuned to cultural sensitivities. (VHH) is not concerned with procuring a large influx of clients and instead devotes it’s efforts to ensuring a good fit between client and provider by conducting a thorough phone assessment. After which, (VHH) invites each client to partner with the therapist in the process of healing.

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