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According to the Oxford English  Dictionary (1989) a visionary  is a person with original ideas who plans the future with imagination and wisdom. A visionary knows that each life choice can support or hinder the manifestation of her vision. 


The visionary  makes time for herself believing that a better self leads to better care of others. She aspires to live a life of purpose, overcome mental or physical limitations and contributes to humanity in a meaningful way.


She yields to her higher calling, and listens to her inner creative . That the imagination piece. Moreover, a visionary defies social norms and refuses to give up. She divides herself from unhealthy lifestyle choices and pursues her vision without ceasing. The Visionary we hope to unveil in this handbook is the self-actualized you!


In this handbook, we address perceived demands of life that may stifle or hinder your vision. We offer steps to overcome such challenges and ideas to help cultivate your vision. You will find  reflection activities designed to help you gain self awareness and clarify your goals. There is also a mini planner divided by month. This planner will help you break your goals down into monthly action steps.


Digital download only

The Vision Enhancer (Digital download)

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