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Meet Our Team


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Dr. Teressa Bowman

Serving DC,MD & VA CEO , Master psychotherapist, Approved Clinical Supervisor , Boost Approved Supervisor*

Dr. Teressa Bowman is a licensed professional counselor, DMV native, mother of two and owner of (VHH); a private therapy practice dedicated to improving the mental health of women, men, adolescents and couples. She has earned a B.S. in Psychology (UM, 2010), an M.A in Professional Counseling (LU, 2013) and Doctorate of Psychology (UoR, 2020). Dr. Bowman is licensed by the boards of Virginia, DC & Maryland. She has spoken for the National Alliance of Mental Illness and the Northern Virginia Society of Licensed Professional Counselors. Dr. Bowman firmly believes that it is both irresponsible and unethical to ignore our mental health, as we are the pillars of our communities and backbones of our families. She has more than 15 years of mental health experience. Specializing in trauma , teen issues , DBT ,CBT, EMDR, BIPOC  and LGBTQ. 

Imani Carter

Serving DC Only

Bowie state University graduate (2019) and Pre licensed professional serving clients in DC area by virtual appointment for your convenience . Fully licensed in Washington DC. specializing in anxiety, depression and helping you become the best you. If you are ready for change and improve emotional regulation using sound interventions you have come to the right place. No WAIT LIST .

Utilizing CBT and strength-based techniques; I intend to help you overcome mental roadblocks that impede growth. As a DMV native, I understand the unique stressors that we face and I look forward to assisting you in your journey . Thank you for prioritizing your mental health.

Available hours Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 5-7pm . Saturday mornings 10-2pm

Ms.Sheila Stieff 

New Life Coaching Service  * Serving DC, MD & VA (This provider offers life coaching services only and does not accept insurance).

Serving DC, MD & VA 

I distinguish myself as a  life coach specializing in christian /spiritual mentorship, couples coaching  and grief coaching . My proficiency comes from more than 30 years of experience as a mother and minister to include  the study of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of people. However, always keeping in mind that no two people are alike, regardless of the dichotomy of their situation. I understand the desire to have comfort and guidance . I intend to be a source of motivation , perspective, morning inspiration or  sunshine on a gloomy day. Please allow me to  walk along side of you. Life coaching services are available by request and are not covered by health insurance (out of pocket rates appy). This service is a supplement to professional counseling but is not distinguished as professional counseling. If you are interested in exploring life coaching I encourage you to consider me as I am an ordained Evangelist and the Chief-Elder of my local assembly with the responsibility of training and equipping others for Christ. I am a graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science Psychology and slated to graduate 8/23 with a MA: Human Services Counseling: James Dobson Program Marriage, & Family, Community Care and Counseling. 

Adrian Holmes 

Serving VA only 

Ms. Adrian Holmes Ms. Holmes has experience working with individuals who are dealing with severe mental illness, addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety.  She started working for her local Community Service Board (CSB) on the crisis unit she enjoys working with children, teens and adults. Later, she branched out to working in community and residential settings with individuals coming out of inpatient treatment. "I take a person-centered, culturally competent approach to my work. I am currently a resident in counseling taking on new clients".

Shaakira Simmonds

Providing clinical supervision only to LGSW's in residency Boost Approved *

Welcome to the first step in pursuing a different you. We endure several challenges on a daily basis and various life experiences which could cause increased irritability, difficulty sleeping, sadness, and anger which may bring about feelings of worry, anxiety or depression. Let's talk about how we can work through challenges, focus on healing and growth. There is hope and power in therapeutic recovery with the support of a licensed professional. I work with parents, young adults and college students who are adjusting to life. Let's collaboratively start the journey of renewal.

My passion is to provide a trusting, safe supportive and therapeutic environment for you while you recover and heal from the challenges of life. Let's talk about self-care and regaining who you are. Taking time to process your thoughts and feelings while moving forward with support can provide the relief you want.

I approach each client uniquely using solution focused and strength based therapies in a no judgment atmosphere of honesty. Throughout my career, I have been honored to be trusted to strengthen lives by creating paths to growth, facilitate healing and encouraging all to be their authentic self. ONLINE ONLY

Imani Miller

Serving VA only 

I have open availability. I fulfilled my education requirements at Liberty University, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Psychology (2019), and a graduate level CACRAEP accredited degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2021). I have experience in conducting individual, group, and family sessions. Virtual sessions only.

I have provided counseling for individuals with Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Relationships Issues, Adolescent/Teen Related Issues, Social Skills, and Anger Management. Imani likes to utilize Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-Centered, Solution-Focused, and Mindfulness theories

I have been successful in integrating many theories and techniques into Telehealth services by tailoring psychoanalytical approaches in ways that are engaging and friendly for both children and adults.





Children (6 to 10)

Stacy Snow 

Serving VA only 

I obtained my BS degree in Psychology and Development form Liberty University, where I also received my MA in Professional Counseling as well as a MA in Human Services Counseling: Life Coach. My work began with troubled at-risk children in a level 5 school setting, there I counseled children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, using CBT and Behavioral Therapy  to help them with anger management, crisis de-escalation and problem solving. I continued my career working as a therapeutic counselor at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington where I facilitated individual and group therapy for a wide range of clients who suffered from various mental health disorders. My most recent work was with the young mothers in the homelessness population. I provided individual and family counseling using CBT, MI and Narrative therapy. My goal of therapy is to provide a trusting, safe and non-judgmental environment, for others to engage in the healing process. I approach each client with empathy and an unbiased understanding so that they feel a sense of belonging, understand their worth and move from a place of hopelessness to  hope and purposeful living.  It is important  to allow the client to be active in their healing process as we work together in a partnership towards wellness. 

Calvin Anderson Jr.

Serving VA only 

Calvin M. Anderson Jr, has completed his Bachelors in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth

University (2020) and his Masters Social Work at Baylor University (2021). Calvin’s work is

Calvin has worked within the fields of education and in the mental health working with

individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, personality and mood disorders, and

children on the autism spectrum. These experiences have motivated him to pursue his LCSW to

be able to provide therapy for those who are seeking answers to questions they have always

had. Calvin believes that going through the process of therapy is a key component in healing,

and is necessary in order to fully experience life. Calvin has experience conducting group and

individual sessions. Calvin utilized Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered, and

Solution-Focused therapy. Calvin approaches every client with empathy and compassion, with

the belief that every individual is unique in their own way and should not be treated as such.

Calvin believes that every person is an expert in their own life and therapy provides a road map

for each person to grow and be the best version of themselves.

Shyanne Hardy

Masters Level Intern- Eligible to see clients with  Openpath, Cigna and private pay only . Serving DC , MD and VA 

Shyanne Hardy received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from George Mason University (GMU) in 2020 and is now GMU graduate student intern working on completing her graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling. During her childhood and teenage years, Shyanne was an Air Force military child and a young athlete who played soccer who recognized the lack of mental health aid particularly to the BIPOC community. Because of this, she plans to specialize on mental health concerns among collegiate athletes and military children, particularly of color.

Nanetta Dawson

Masters Level Intern- Eligible to see clients with  Openpath, Cigna and private pay only . Serving DC , MD and VA 

NaNetta holds the philosophy that an individual can reach a quality of excellence despite limitations and obstacles placed before them. She uses an integrative therapeutic approach, focusing on narrative and multicultural therapy, but also drawing from cognitive behavioral, and motivational interviewing techniques. NaNetta collaborates with clients to meet goals, strengthen communication and relationships, and to promote healing.


NaNetta holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is currently working towards her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. NaNetta’s interests include areas of trauma, addictive disorders, suicide prevention, family therapy, sexual assault, and disability justice. She has over 15 years of experience in the criminal justice system working with individuals assigned to the behavioral health and substance use disorder units of probation and parole. NaNetta’s vision is providing therapeutic services to individuals while encouraging them to not feel ashamed of their diagnosis and to live in the least restrictive conditions as possible, by ensuring they have access to support

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